Canadian Ging Wu Youth/Adult's Class


At the Canadian Ging Wu, we offer youth adult classes for those who are age 14 and above. A Belt ranking system is used to separate the classes to allow more concentration of each group. There is a separate beginners class for white to orange belt and an intermediate/advance class for those who are green belt and up. This will allow the students and instructors to focus on each individuals needs. 

training 2We have a structured curriculum that ensures our students' progression by setting reasonable goals. With our Skill Stripe System, students are provided with immediate feedback that helps them narrow their focus on the specific skill sets required for continued progression in each belt level. The curriculum teaches our students not only effective martial arts, but also pratical self-defence, a variety of traditional chinese weapons and the different techniques found within each form.

Currently, we offer training in Hung Gar Kung Fu and San Da Fighting for youth and adults. Click on the links for more information about the two different classes.


Class Schedule