Sihings & Sijehs
(Assistant Instructors)


Sihing Wit Kwan

Sihing Wit Kwan
He has been training and teaching since 1994 while studying under various Sifu's.





Sihing Bill Varvis

Sijeh Anita Tang
Her weapons of speciality, the Spear and the Double Swords. Concentrating on University, she helps out when she can. Another fine student trained under the Sifu's. Currently in school.



Sihing Bill Varvis

Sihing Bill Varvis
Bill has been training here for over 9 years and focuses on traditional Hung Gar training. His weapon of choice is the Kwan Do.





Kevin Bang

Sihing Kevin Bang
Kevin has been training at Ging Wu since 2002. He helps with the classes regularly, but focuses on lion dance. His weapon of choice includes the staff and tiger hooks.





photo not available

Sijeh Joanne Ngo






Kelvin Lam

Sihing Kelvin Lam







Black Belts & Junior Black Belts

Andy Ngu

Black Belt Andy Ngu

Richard Huynh Black Belt Richard Huynh
Melvin Ha Black Belt Melvin Ha
Alan Ngu Junior Black Belt Alan Ngu
Devon Kitto Black Belt Devon Kitto
Devon has been training with the Canadian Ging Wu since she was little. Her weapons of choice are the nunchuks and the 9-sectional whip. She received her junior black belt in 2011. She is now studying in Vancouver.
photo not available Black Belt Dominic Vu

photo not available Black Belt David Vu

photo not available Black Belt Laura Lau



Anh Le
Brandon Hoang
Elvin Bang
Kalan Chan
Thoai Tran
Vincent Lau