Tao of Conduct & Regulations

  1. Whenever entering or leaving the training area and the front door, execute a bow of respect (left palm, right fist, chest high).
  2. Execute a bow of respect upon meeting a SIFU, SIHING or SIJEH. Students will be told which title is appropriate for each class instructor. All instructors are to be address by their appropriate title. “Sifu”, “Sihing”, ... etc. followed by their first name.
  3. The office is off limits unless you are invited in.
  4. NO street shoes or runners are allowed in the training area.
  5. NO other clubs uniform will be worn in the training area unless the club is affiliated with our association and permission is given by a SIFU.
  6. Keep uniform clean and complete at all times:
    • All Season white t-shirt, pants, sash (Black top optional)
  7. Keep a high degree of personal hygiene and remove jewelry before class begins.
  8. Be on time for classes. If you arrive early for a class, take the opportunity to do a warm up or practice in the training area if it is not in use.
  9. During class, strict attention is given to the instructor at all times. Talking, laughing, horsing around, loss of temper, profanity or a display of lack of self-discipline will NOT be tolerated. No sitting in class.
  10. NO students are allowed to handle any equipment or weapons such as wooden dummy, punching bags, swords, spears, bow staffs, broadswords, etc., without permission from a SIFU. Do NOT damage equipment, weapons or the club.
  11. NO students are allowed to practice free sparring without permission from a SIFU.
  12. Proper discipline and respect will be displayed to all persons in the training area and for all other martial art styles at all times. Loud mouthing or insulting other styles will not be tolerated; membership will be terminated immediately.
  13. Techniques are NOT to be applied out of training area, unless under circumstances involving your safety or safety of others, “showing off” in any public area will NOT be tolerated. Membership will be terminated immediately.
  14. Decisions should NOT be made for the club without discussion with your instructor such as demonstrations, lion dances or participating in tournaments.
  15. Never teach another student without direct permission from a SIFU.
  16. No gum, food or drinks of any kind are allowed in the training area.

*Anyone who fails to do any of the preceding requirements will be subject to push-ups, stances or termination of membership.