Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
The Canadian Ging Wu Kung Fu Martial Art Association is a club that mainly teaches Hung Gar. There are kids classes and youth/adult classes available.

Where are you?
Our large training area is located upstairs at 10712A-98 Street, behind The Brick Furniture Store.

How long have you been here?
We have been at this location almost 10 years, but have been in the Edmonton area since the mid 60's.

When are you open?
5 days a week, 5:30-8:30 pm please check classes for specific class times

Can I come up to watch?
Yes, there is plenty of seating available

Is there a free trial class?
You can take 1 free class in each style, find the one that suits you.

Who is teaching the classes?
Senior students usually lead kids classes and the Sifu's instruct the adult classes

How soon can I learn a form, weapon or Lion Dance?
You first have to learn the basic stances, as you improve you learn a few forms and then a weapon. Speak to your instructor about the lion dance classes.

How old should I be before starting?
The minimum age is 6, there is no maximum.

What do I bring for my first class?
T-shirt, training pants (sweat pants) and training shoes or bare feet. (No street shoes, runners or sandals allowed)

Do you attend tournaments?
Yes, the Ging Wu does go to various tournaments in and around Canada and the USA. We have traveled to Texas, Florida, and even Malaysia in the past..

How soon can I spar?
Again, you have to learn some basics first. The purchasing of sparring gear is required before you can actually start sparring.

How soon can I get started?
We are only accepting new students only 3 times a year, please check classes for the next enrollment period..

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