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Sigung Stan Lee

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Sigung (grand master) Stan Lee was a pioneering practitioner of Kung Fu in the Edmonton area. He launched his illustrious Martial Arts career in China over 50 years ago when he began his training in the discipline of Hung Gar Kung Fu under the tutelage of his village's Sifu who also held the last name of Lee.

Grand Master Lee moved to Hong Kong where he received further training in Kung Fu from one main instructor, Wong Boa Tong, as well as Lam Fay Hung and Lau Jaam all based in Hong Kong. Along the way Grand Master Lee received further training at Ging Wu (Chin Woo Hong Kong branch) where he further expanded his skills.

Grand Master Lee studied various styles and philosophies including but not limited to Seven Star Praying Mantis, Eagle Claw, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Northern Long Fist but always with his principal style being Hung Gar.

After relocating to Edmonton, Grand Master Lee began passing on his knowledge to a few select students. At that point he came to the realization that there existed a need for a Kung Fu studio in the Edmonton area. His aspirations for a place to train came to fruition in approximately 1969 when he was finally in a position to open the Canadian Ging Wu Kung-Fu Club.

The realities of family and work commitments made it difficult for the instructors to dedicate their time and as such the club was forced to shut down. The Canadian Ging Wu Kung Fu Martial Art Association was reborn in 1992 with renewed vigor and determination and has remained open to this day.

Throughout his martial arts career Grand Master Lee always volunteered his time in training anyone who wanted to learn, not just persons of Asian background but all Canadians. His philosophy of being involved in the communities in which you live and work brought him into contact with a large and varied group of people. One of those groups was the Edmonton Police Services where he taught self-defense.

Grand Master Lee passed away in April of 2003 leaving behind a well-respected Kung Fu demonstration and Lion Dance team that are recognized not just in the Chinese community but in many other cultural communities.

Grand Master Lee’s spirit lives on in the form of his son Sifu Brendan Lee who is instructing the next generation of martial artist in the style of Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance. With Grand Master Lee’s passing the reins of leadership were taken up by the former president of the association, his brother Sensei Dale Lee.  Sifu Brendan Lee is the current president of the association as of June 2008.


Grand Master Lee 1936-2003