Sifu Brendan

Sifu Brendan Lee began his martial arts training under the watchful eyes of his father, Grand Master Stan Lee. Honing his skill in the style of Hung Gar, he had the privilege of learning from many past and present instructors through the Canadian Ging Wu. Sifu Lee achieved much success and respect in many competitions throughout western Canada and the U.S. He is now dedicating his time to teaching the next generation of martial artists.
Sifu Charlie Sifu Charlie Ngu's participation in marital arts began in 1983 with Wing Chun. About one year later he met Sifu Chau Wu and turned towards study of Choy Lay Fut. From 1986 to 1993 he joined Shao Lin Siew Quan Martial Arts with Sifu Chau Wu, Grand Master Stan Lee, and Sifu Steven Kho. During his time he studied kung fu and lion dancing. In 1995, nearly two years after Shao Lin Siew Wu Quan Martial Arts ceased operations, he joined the Canadian Ging Wu under Grand Master Stan Lee and is training and teaching there to this day.
Sifu Dennis Ngu Sifu Dennis Ngu
Sifu Cynthia Tang Sifu Cynthia Tang
Sifu Corey Der Sifu Corey Der
Likes the flexible weapons Rope Dart, Nunchuka and the 3 Sectional Staff. He has worked very hard in Hung Gar.