Canadian Ging Wu Kid's Class


Devon & Sifu BrendanThe Canadian Ging Wu offers a dedicated kids class starting from ages 6-13. We separate the classes from age and belt ranking to give a more concentration of each group. This will allow the kids and instructors to focus on each individuals needs. At Canadian Ging Wu Kung Fu we have a structured curriculum that ensures our students' progression by setting reasonable goals. With our Skill Stripe Ranking System, students are provided with immediate feedback that helps them narrow their focus on the specific skill sets required for continued progression.

Each colour stripe on a belt represents the perfection of a specific skill set. Students are continually tested on these skills and once they have perfected them to the level required for their next rank, they are presented with their skill stripe during their class.(Last Wednesday of the month) When a student has acquired all the coloured skill stripes, they are eligible to be graded to their next belt level.

Kids Lion DanceBelt gradings for kids are conducted once a quarter and are typically scheduled to take place at regular class time. It is important that students inform their instructors of their intent to grade on a specific date so that the proper arrangements can be made. A student's intention to grade can be submitted via email or by submitting a written letter. Kids must not forget to also submit their Intent to Promote letter prior to their grading.





Class Schedule