San Shou

San ShouSanda is a Chinese hand to hand combat, self-defense system used
to practice martial applications in a realistic environment or simply free fighting.

Sanda is composed of Chinese martial arts applications including most aspects of combat including striking and grappling, however when Sanda was developed as a sport, restrictions were made for safety reasons as well as to promote it as a non violent sport.

As an unarmed self-defense, close combat system, Sanda includes da (punches), ti (kicks), shuai (grappling), and na (throws, locks, chokes).


General Overview

  • 3 x 2 min. rounds
  • Bouts are fought on a raised platform with no ropes
  • Punches to the head and body
  • Kicks to the inside/outside of the legs as well as the upper body
  • Sweeps, takedowns and throws are legal techniques
  • Winner by points, TKO or KO





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