Ging Wu Translations

In the Chinese martial arts society, the title or ranking system follows the traditional family system. Classification of a students level is not based on their skill or actual age. It is decided by who joins the school first. In other words, when you are born into the family. For example, your teacher (male or female) is your father within the system. You should greet him/her as "Si-Fu" (meaning teaching father) to show respect. Your older brother, regardless of age or skill level, would be addressed as "Si-Hing" to show respect. Just as within your own family, there are those who you would call Grandfather, Mother, Uncle, Brother, etc; you address them by their titles to show your respect for them and to show you recognize your place within the family. You may have more than one Si-Fu if you have learned, or are learning, more than one art. At Ging Wu, we have assistant instructors that use the title Sihing and Sijeh.

English Cantonese
Male Female
Great Grandmaster Si-Tai-Gung Si-Tai-Poa
Grandmaster Si-Gung Si-Poa
Older Kung Fu Uncle Si-Bahk N/A
Younger Kung Fu Uncle Si-Sook N/A
Teacher/Instructor Si-Fu Si-Fu
Oldest Brother/Sister Di-Si-Hing Di-Si-Jeh
Older Brother/Sister Si-Hing Si-Jeh
Younger Brother/Sister Si-Dai Si-Mui
Student Toh-Dai Toh-Dai

* Sifu’s wife would be called Si-Mo


Chinese Translation
Kung Fu/Gung Fu Hard Work
Mo Gwoon Martial Arts Club
Ging Wu (Mandarin) Ging Wu
Jing Mo (Cantonese) Ging Wu


Numbers Translations
Yut One
Yee Two
Sam Three
Say Four
Um Five
Look Six
Chut Seven
Bat Eight
Goaw Nine
Sup Ten

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