Weapons training begins normally at the intermediate level, when there is a better understanding of the mechanics of movement and improved coordination. A weapon becomes an extension of one's body and a further test of one's skill. The first weapon a student learns is the staff, however it may depend on your instructor. Weapons are taught in form sequences to responsible individuals, and training is optional and at the discretion of the instructor.

At Ging Wu we teach some of these weapons: weapons2

  • Daan Toa Gwun - Single head Staff
  • Surng Toa Gwun - Double head Staff
  • Surng Bay Sow Do - Double Daggers
  • Dayn Do - Broad Sword
  • Surng Do - Double Broad Sword
  • Jaam Ma Do - Horse Cutter
  • Woo Deep Do - Butterfly Knifes
  • Kwan Do - General Kwan’s Halberd
  • Ying Churn - Spear
  • Goaw Jeet Been - 9 Sectional Whip
  • Saym Jeet Gwun - 3-Sectional Staff
  • Fu Pa - Tiger Fork
  • Um Long Bayt Gwa Gwun - 5th Brothers 8 diagram pole